Travel with kids

Together on a journey in a world full of inspiration. A good life, filled with new experiences to learn from. Discovering new perspectives and gaining insights. Making new friends and having fun!

A Life Choice 

The best time is now!

We are born in a tiny country, the world is at our feet! We started writing our blogs while living in Canada for a year.

Together with our kids we left on a working-holiday! We lived as a local in Canada, did help exchanges, camped in the wild, travelled through BC with our car and trailer & lots more!

In this blog you read all about our experiences. Wildlife, adventures with friends and emotions, everything is here to read!

map rainbow

Unfortunately our year in Canada is over. But, we woke up and know we want to travel more in the future. Upon return in the Netherlands another adventure starts. Creating the opportunity for our family to travel where and whenever we want. Becoming financially independent, our new adventure.

Best thing

Enjoy the journey!

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. It makes you speechless and changes you in a storyteller at the same time.

Discover, life and enjoy.

Don’t forget to keep exploring

If we would be made to stay in one place, we would have had roots instead of feet.

Travelling with your children is the best investment in your family!

Get to Know the Locals !

When you go on a journey, take time to get to know the locals. When you’re lucky, they will lead you to the most beautiful and unique places. Beside of that you will build a worldwide network filled with special people !

Roadtrip Tofino
Blog 36 roadtrip waterfalls
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