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Mission Team Kiss – In Lak’ech

We can conclude out of our own experience that the most efficient way of self growth and expansion is by helping others grow and expand. We offer our services to you to help you getting in the direction of your goal. If you don’t yet know what your goal is, we can help you discover it. We are neutral and stay out of judgement, therefore we are the perfect mediator between you (‘now’) and your dream goal, your objective(s), your higher self.

Our goal is to help others to the next level and to grow together and to create a world in balance.


On the way to world Enlightenment.


As Albert Einstein once ‘quoted ‘: “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them”.

We are here, as teachers of teachers, to help you get control back over your life.

What is your input?

We learn that there are many possibilities to stimulate this process to optimal growth. It starts with a good foundation, a healthy diet and quality water. What are your inputs?

We support ourselves by the use of supplements and natural medicine, our experiences can be found in the review section. In addition, it’s important that you create consciousness about your input and output. Where are you looking at? What is surrounding you? What do you listen to? What are you eating? Are you aware of the effects of the input you get daily? Do you have control or are these choices made for you?





“The next level of consciousness is within reach. We only build the bridge there.”






Together we make a great team

We’ve learned that together is the magic word. In life you need other people. The elimination of judgement makes it possible to see a lesson in everything. Between two sides excist the middle, where there is balance, there is no good or bad. Every human has his own qualities and we are here to help each other wherever possible, so we can grow together.


Dare to ask!

Do you have a dream but you don’t know where to start? Is your life a mess and are you willing to give everything but don’t know where to start? Would you like to talk without being judged?


Does this resonate with you? By completing This form you create for yourself the first step towards a conscious life, that puts you back in control of your life.

We are happy to help you on donation basis, as there is no price for helping each other to create a better world. Note that this does not always have to be in the form of money. Everyone has something to offer in any form or fashion. Think of talents and services. And we all can use help.




Spiritech Specialist – Balance – Holistic – Health – Consciousness – Energy – Spirituality – Frequencies – Control yourself – Alchemy – Healing – Connecting – Love – Abundance – Unity


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