Fact Fractal

The Fact-Fractal

The Fact Fractal is our own personal documented news feed. On this page we document all the news , interesting youtube videos and articles we find on the internet. So that we can keep them in a database, not only for ourselves but everyone who is interested. You might wonder why the name FactFractal? We use the principal that we call fact fractal to conclude if the content we come across is genuine and truth. The only way we can comfortably do this is to check it with our own personal experiences and see if it correlates with them. We apply this principal to everything we look up and read, to determine if the content is based on truth. A fractal is a  part of the whole that contains all that is in the whole to. This means that the digital content we come across has to correlate to our own personal experience in order for the facts to be totally accepted by us. Not being able to determine of the information you are feeding yourself is actually true will cause only more confusion. You might be building theories in your head based on lies. Its like building your house on a steady firm rock instead of on the sandy beach. We say goodbye to the age of BELIEVE and welcome the age of KNOWING. Welcome to our Fact Fractal, everything you read here has been labeled fact by us.


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