Secret Prisma intends to

create and share

the blueprint to

a colorful lifestyle.

We provide information based on lessons learned through life and honest product reviews.

We focus on Healthy HappinessThe highest consciousness can be reached, when the trinity of the mind, body and spirit is balanced. Power comes in threes, make conscious decisions. Breath is the way in & out. You are the holographic projector. See your own light with your eyes closed.

Wealth is about our purpose of living a freedom lifestyle, finding passion and creating abundance. Put yourself in control scene. What is freedom to you? How do you earn your money? What is your passion?

Love is about building a foundation for confidence in self and fulfillment in relations with others. We write about relations, kids and emotions. Balance has to be achieved every moment.

Our travel page is our story about travelling with kids full time through Canada for one year. Time is now. Together on a journey in a world full of inspiration. A good life, filled with new experiences to learn from. Discovering new perspectives and gaining insights. Making new friends and having fun!

Travel is all about finding out what is out there. 

The Fact Fractal is all about news, facts and truth we find important to be aware off. A database with news and facts to support a colorful lifestyle.

The ability to dream, believe and create is basic to being human.


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