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Paardrijden Canada

Today I went horseback riding in Nakusp. Here you can read why it was on my bucket list and how I experienced it.

When I was a little girl..

About a year or 15 ago I had all kind of hobbies. I changed every couple of months for different reasons. One of my hobbies was horseback riding. It was very joyful until I had to ride the crazy horse of the riding school and I felt of the horse. I never did it again until now!

Crossing items of my bucket list

Since a while I’ve been talking about riding a horse again. While we are in Canada, why not do it here?!

Charlotte in Nakusp

So, I placed an advertisement on the local Facebook bulletin board and received many replies. I got the name of a lady in Nakusp. She keeps horses and gives lessons and does trial rides, for beginners and experienced riders.

The experience

It was great! The trails in the woods were still covered in snow. But, that didn’t bother my joy. The sun was shining and I was on the horse. While riding I saw an eagle screening the fields for a prey. The whole time I was surrounded by amazing mountains and I enjoyed a view at the Arrow lake. What an awesome experience I had!

If you would like to experience this as well, contact Charlie Horse Shoeing & Equine Adventures 250-265-9989. Charlotte is a very nice lady who (if necessary) guides you in trust. But, she also gives you the chance to discover on your own. Rides are 50 CAD an hour for beginners and 75 CAD for advanced riders and on a small scale. An awesome experience in the country of BC!

Horsebackriding CanadaI would love to know what’s on your bucket list?

Let us know in the comments!

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