Changing our plans

Changing our plans

When we decided to come to Canada we got a one year Working-Holiday visa. We gave ourselves a year to figure out what we want to do with our lives.

Since may 2016 we’ve been traveling through British Columbia. We have seen most of BC and there is two spots that stole our hearts. Tofino, where we only spend a little time and the Slocan Valley, were we’ve spend most time.

The Slocan Valley: New Denver and Silverton

We have spend most of our time in the Slocan Valley. In particular New Denver and the nearby village Silverton. Both towns are right on Slocan lake and this is what stole our hearts. The towns are surrounded by huge mountains. Some are even year round covered in snow. When we came back to New Denver in December, we started working at the Valhalla Inn Hotel. In these tiny villages, there is not a lot of work, so nothing to choose. Working here was fun and we started to look into getting a Permanent Residence.

Getting Permanent Residence

There are many rules if you want to get a PR. You get points for certain subjects and one of them is a job offer. What did we feel blessed that the hotel had a job offer that would meet the requirements. Restaurants manager in this little town surrounded by amazing natures and the Valhalla’s in the back yard. We were very excited and a little bit stressed when we started collecting all the documents.

A misleading job description online

When we sat down to talk things trough, the situation changed. The job had been online for many months with a wage of 23 CAD an hour. But… It turned out that they would only pay 11 CAD an hour!

Wow, what a disappointment. We were mad and sad that they fooled us like this. But, we didn’t have to talk long about it. We won’t accept a wage of 11 dollars an hour. With that wage it would be impossible to support ourselves. Let stand to save money for plain tickets to visit family in the Netherlands once in a while.

Changing our plans: A blessing in disguise

When we talked things through and accepted the changes, our emotions disappeared and we could think clear again. The most important thing what we want to reach in life in sovereignty. In all ways. If we would have accept a job (for whatever wage) we would have fallen back in the trap again. These changes and the misleading information was our last push in the realization that we want to be self-employed.

How blessed we truly are

During the last year we learned a lot. We know for a long time already that we want to reach sovereignty. Not only in our minds, but as well in the psychical world. We would love to grow our on food, on our own off-grid property. From traveling through Canada we learned how to approach these goals. We ate food grown in gardens of our friends, we’ve been off grid and experienced the work what comes with it. Starting and developing a garden costs years. But, Mike attained the permaculture design course and the knowledge is now in our possession. We realized that we have huge goals, but can only reach these by taking small steps at a time. For now we have to build our financial pillar. Becoming self-employed in our own business became step one in the overall plan.

What is your biggest goal in life?
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