Book review: “The dragon does not live here no more” Living freely, loving truly

Book the dragon doesn't live here anymore

Founded in a ‘thrift shop in Old Hazelton BC. Although I didn’t bought it the first time, I was glad to see the book again when I went back to the store the second time. Then I bought the book.

About God

The Reason why I didn’t bought the book the first time, is because when I had a quick look on the pages, I saw the word God several times. Religions let you believe in stead of knowing. Nevertheless, there was still a certain appeal. Although I possess many books I still have to finish, I immediately started reading this one and was done quickly.

Living freely, loving truly

The book describes various personal experiences of the writer. Many statements you can immediately apply into your life. The goal is to live free, in love, like described on the cover.

If you’re on a path to find out what this life is about and how to make the most of it, you can learn from any experience. If you are willing to let loose of all the thing you think to know, it wil brighten your perspectives. Because of this, it becomes possible to use everything as a lesson. With the aim of Progress for yourself. But no matter how many books you read, this only works if you really want it to work.

The dragon does not live here anymore

What the title of the book means and what the book is about, is the dragon that lives in all of us human beings. Thoughts and feelings we all have to face. The author, Alan Cohen, uses several personal experiences to show and share certain lessons. One of the great insights he describes in the book is that he is the one he is written this book for, not you or me but, especially for himself. There’s absolutely nothing good or bad about it. It is pure an explanation to describe that through the writing of this book he examined his thoughts, feelings and opinions about himself and learned from doing this.

My experience

The dragon does not live here anymore was easy to read and enjoyable. It is written in English and so a great way of practicing the language. The book is written in many short chapters with at the end of each chapter a summary message. Every time I opened “The dragon does not live here anymore’ something had happened in my life, where I immediately could refer to. This made reading the book to me very real, written by a real person met real experiences.

The dragon does not live here anymore is absolutely not aself-help guide. If you are looking to improve situations in your life,  this book can be used to become more aware of your own being and acting.

You experience the same things all the time, and by becoming aware of this, you can study yourself. Find out if you are happy and make changes if necessary. Interested in reading The dragon does not live here anymore yourself? Check it out here.

What is your easy to read in bed book ?



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