Live on as a Tree.

Living on as a tree

Live on as a tree.

With the awakening going around the world, more and more people come up with amazing ideas. Ideas that will change the future of all of us. One part of the future that we can be certain of we will all share with each other is Death. Although not a topic that fits every conversation at every time it is a fact that we all have to go trough this stage of life, leaving our material life behind us.

In our family we take the time to talk about death every now and then. And the question: what are we going to do with our loved once bodies after they passed on? Seems to be inevitable.

Recently I came across the following concept that seems really attractive to me and therefore I want to take the time to share it with all of you. Living on as a tree. An alternative for cremation or burial.

For me it is a nice thought to think about the fact that my body could be nourishment for life yet to come. There is a saying: From dust we came and into dust we shall turn again, may sound macabre, but is very much the truth. A living cemetery puts these facts of life into a visible concept and therefore more into our awareness.

The thought of walking in a beautiful forest that has grown from the remains of our ancestors sounds more attractive to me then the old-school stones and crosses graveyard we are all familiar with. I would choose a cherry tree, and look forward to the day that somebody would make wine out of my cherries and enjoy their time.

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