Wild Hot Springs Near Nakusp BC Canada

St Leon Wild Hot Springs

If there is one thing that is wonderful about Canada, it’s nature. The beautiful mountains, the crystal clear lakes and.. Hot Springs, wow!

All sorts of Hot Springs

There are many different kinds of hot springs, up in the mountains, next to rivers and even resorts build on the natural springs.

Wild hot springs in winter

While it is still winter in Canada, we go to the wild hot springs near Nakusp. Together with our Canadian friends and their little daughter. From were we live in Silverton, it’s a drive from about an hour to the parking place. It’s Saturday and there are many cars parked at the beginning of the trail. Mostly people who go snowmobiling in the mountains. We try to drive up the trail but there is a car parked in the way. When try to pass it, our car slips and we almost hit the parked car. With luck we get the car out of the trail without hitting the parked car. We decide to park the car and walk.

A long hike when you have kids

The trail is covered in snow and goes up hill. We brought a sled and of course our swimming stuff and lunch. It’s hard walking uphill in the snow, or actually it’s hard with the kids. We have to encourage them that we will get a big present when we arrive. When we have reached the highest point, we enjoy a great view of the surrounding mountains and the arrow lake. From here we find the little trail that goes very steep downwards first. The kids enjoy a really fast downhill ride and we arrive at the trial in the woods. The hike becomes harder but we are almost there. Little creeks of water coming down of the mountains until we arrive at the hot springs.

St. Leon hot springs

What a great present after an intensive hike in the snow. The place looks to come right out of a fairy tail. The hot water surrounded by trees and fresh air. It’s raining a bit, and the only thing to change is a peace of plastic over some trees. We all can not wait to enter the water. Changing is cold but.. When we enter the water we are in heaven. Wow!

There are three levels of pools. The biggest pool is at the bottom. When you climb a steep rock you can enter the second smaller pool. On top of the hill there is the last and smallest pool. We enjoy a great day in the wonderful springs with home made lunch.

Pizza at Nick’s place

When we are done with soaking in the hot, fresh spring water, we start the hike back to the car. The way back is way easier and we all take turns with pulling the sled. We are all tired of the hike, the fresh air and the hot water. We decide to go out for dinner at Nick’s place in Nakusp and enjoy a nice veggie pizza. What a wonderful day!

Have you ever been to wild hot springs?

We would love to hear about it in the comments


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