Master class: The Creative Principal

The Creative principle.

Wow, now this is a real masterclass. I found it to be a very motivational video. The thoughts i got while listening to Yanni talk where amazing. He does such a good job a describing the creative principal. It is liking talking about sex in the good way, which isn’t strange because sex in its essence is the external process of creativity that we are all born out of. Training ourselves to quite the mind and be present in the moment is being in the creative “zone” in my innerstanding.

From own experience.

I might not be an awesome musician as Yani. But the principle applies not much more in life then making music, of course. From my own experiences in life i can compare it to painting. Lets say you are painting 1 of 4 walls in a room. Now the key to success and perfection can often be found in the details. Attention to detail is what makes something look ‘nice’.

“Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right”.

– Steve Jobs


Now back to painting. The action is at the edges, why? because your work will be seen the most at the edge. The edge is the location (mostly in corners) where 2 colors meet each other. Now the art is making the line as straight and smooth as possible. Getting the results you want requires you to be and stay in ‘the zone’. Let me explain. At the moment you are putting the brush on the wall and creating your straight line of paint you are best of looking at where your brush needs to go next. While in action, trying to look back at what you did, will pull you out of the creative zone into the observer state and believe me, your line will take its own course. It is like: looking in the rear-view mirror while driving forwards!

Taking the time to allow yourself to be in ‘the zone’ means you are not actually thinking about what you are doing. I hope you can see how time pressure and stress interfere with the creative principle. It is what makes you think.


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