The platform Airbnb (and how to make money with it)

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Since 2015 we use the great platform Airbnb. Airbnb created a space for ordinary people to offer their chalet, apartment, room, suite, et cetera to travellers. There are accommodations available in several countries and many price categories. What we particularly like is that there are many full houses available, with separate bedrooms and fully equipped kitchens complete with washer and dryer. Especially if you travel with children, it makes your journey very convenient.

The possibilities are endless

You can search for a place and select the date, location, number of guests, type of accommodation, price, amenities offered (fireplace or a hot tub!) and so on.

Contact is with the host itself and payment is via credit card or PayPal account after a authentication. From experience I can say that this is a great method which meet trust of both sides.

Since we no longer have a home

In 2016 we moved to Canada with our boys, to experience new things and get to know the beautiful nature of British Columbia. Meanwhile, we have seen most of the province and we slept in many places. An added benefit of Airbnb is that you are staying at the source. Most providers are ordinary people, where you get the best local tips and hese people do their best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. It has happened that we find a breakfast package in the accommodation and once there is even cooked for us!

How Air BNB earns his bread

Of each booking people make through Airbnb they get a percentage, where landlords and tenants register for free. This sounds for me like a fair deal for the maintenance of this (free) platform.

Airbnb Winlaw, with tub on deck!

Together, you get much further

Beside the whole tourist program, Airbnb also does something totally different through the Disaster Response Program. This program connects people from all over the world who are in need of accommodation after a disaster. ”

What strikes us is that many people have never heard of Airbnb. It is a great concept and from personal experience we can highly recommended the use of it. We are happy to support good initiatives and Air BNB supports us, in a good relationship it is giving and taking. If you would like to go out for a little trip, and don’t want to see a standard hotel or holiday park, but for example, a nice quiet weekend in the woods, or rather something with a private hot tub? We can now offer you a $ 50 travel credit when you use Airbnb via this link. We will get a $ 25 travel credit as well, and so everyone wins.

A step further

When we rented a house in New Denver, we had a great suite on the top floor, complete with its own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Since we had enough of the bedrooms on the ground floor, we tried something new. We cleaned the suite, made the bed beautiful and put fresh flowers on the table. All available brochures at the local visitor centor we picked up and made a description of the suite area. We photographed everything and within no time we were Airbnb landlords. In the two months that we have rented the house we have earned some nice pocket money and offered visitors a unique property with the relaxed feeling of home.

Airbnb Winlaw, With tub on deck!

Also rent?

Are you enthusiast? Then start creating your unique ad via this link. Again, we all grow because the renting through Airbnb gives others the opportunity to incredible new experiences in a unique accommodation. Not only in money but even in a great set of experiences and new skills.

Are you ready, but you don’t have any space to rent?

Airbnb isn’t only a platform for accommodations but as well for unique experiences. If you can offer the best local information and the best workshop for travellers, you can also make use of Airbnb. Describe what you have to offer and soon you will see how fun it is to share your experiences with travellers from all over the world!


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