Road trip with Oma to Vancouver Island

Oma has arrived and time stands still. The boys enjoy incredibly from Oma’s attention. A wonderful reunion after eight months. She stays for four weeks and we made a fun plan. We spend time in our new home and we go on a road trip to Vancouver Island with Oma.

Road trip with oma to Vancouver Island

We drive more than 1,200 kilometers with Oma. We go from Silverton to Osoyoos where we stay 4 nights on Anarchist Summit. The awesome mountain of our first Help-X hosts. We overnight in Surrey, Victoria, Qualicum, Ucluet and Vancouver, but we see more.

An impressive accident

Before we can enjoy the lovely swimming pool at our hotel in Surrey, something impressive happens. After 400 kilometers driving through the mountains, we arrive in urban areas. If we almost reach the right exit, the traffic stopped. All lanes are blocked and there are as many as 10 ambulances, five police cars and a fire truck. A mega accident, about 10 cars infant of us. Many people get out of their vehicle and take a look and soon we perceive that it is really wrong. A car smashed on the wrong side an with a sick feeling in my stomach we see the hearse arriving. I have to think of all the people who have to miss that person and wish him a good overpas to the afterlife.

Real tourists

Fortunately, we see no other accidents during the rest of our road trip and we can continue playing tourist. We go to a small, cute town on the ocean: White Rock. We enjoy fish and chips in a winter sun outside on the terrace. Unfortunately we have less luck with the parking attendants and there is a Canadian ticket under our windshield wiper.

The BC Ferry

Without giving too much energy to the fake matrix we drive to the ferry port in Twawassen. From here we leave for a boat ride between all small islands. Amazingly beautiful! We arrive at Swartz Bay.

Victoria on Vancouver Island

We spend three nights in down town Victoria. During our time there we enjoy great food, see how Chinese New Year is celebrated in Chinatown, totem poles and see water planes take off from the city. Bring a visit to the miniature world and play tourist in the parlementsbuilding of British Columbia. Here we are checked as real threats of weapons and we are checked with an iron scanner. We also enjoy a trip to Sooke. We visit Pothooles park and score two snowboards in the local thrift shop.

From east to west

After our city trip we enjoy the wonderful east coast of the island and have a beautiful hotel with ocean view. We enjoy the nice pool and hot tub in the basement. Mike and I enjoy an evening of cocktails and a small walk on the beach because it was freezing outside.

During our trip from east to west coast we visit two parks: Little Qualicum Falls and Cathedral Grove Forest. One park whit beautiful waterfalls. In the other park you can admire the huge old trees.


After a beautiful ride and delicious coffee, we arrive in Ucluet. Or, as the locals say Uukie. Here we can enjoy a wonderful suite with jacuzzi on the balcony and a great view. Mike and I enjoy again a wonderful night. Clear sky with plenty of stars and the barking of seals in the background.


Wow, this place has a special place in our hearts. Wonderful long beaches, with big rocks and palm trees. The place has a nice atmosphere and we enjoy the great weather.


Vancouver, for many people a beautiful city. For us a city. We are particularly pleased with the distant areas in Canada, with more nature and less people. But, we have to see it anyway. We have a hotel in the suburbs and use the sky train to go downtown. We visit the steam clock and many souvenir shops.

Time to say goodbye

What has time flew by! After enjoying wonderful times with oma during our road trip to Vancouver Island, it’s time to say goodbye. We bring oma to the airport in Richmond, check her in and eat for the last time together.

With hugs, many kisses and big tears we say goodbye to Oma. Until next time!

What do you do to make saying good bye less hard?


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