Sometimes it feels like everything comes together

Highway British Columbia Canada in Winter * Everything covered in Snow

After our super-fast move many events follow. We feel like everything comes at the same moment. The best where we have been looking forward to since summer, is that Grandma is coming!, Anti winter she comes all the way from the Netherlands. For this special event: Chris’ first birthday in Canada. How exciting! She comes with a domestic flight from Vancouver to Castlegar. This is the nearest airport to our home, an hour and a half drive. We have prayed for great weather, because all the locals call it ‘Cancellgar’. It helped because the day of arrival the sky is beautifully blue. After eight long months, we welcome grandma in Canada, what a great experience!

Two countries, two jobs

When we left the Netherlands, of course I said goodbye to my job there as well. I trained my replacer as well. The only difference is that I was working full time and my replacer has been hired for only two days a week. At that time I saw what was coming immediately when the year reports need to be made. I said at that time, “If you need help, contact me in Canada.” My old boss, which I kept in touch with during our travels, did this and so it’s done. Well, only the agreement, because we still don’t have internet in Silverton. After back and forth emailing and downloading the right apps, my computer is ready. From that moment I drive to the hotel daily. I work as much as possible in the hotel, with internet and focus. Because not so long from now we go on a road trip with grandma to Vancouver Island.

Sweet Beans and sticks

Although I am honoured to be able to help with the year-end closing in the Netherlands, I still work in Canada as well. Again a new and totally different experience then what I used to do, I serve, help in the kitchen and prepare the rooms for new guests. My boss is a very sweet Chinese woman who fortunately did not mind me, doing my computer work for Netherlands in the restaurant of the hotel. She spoils me with Chinese snacks and asks many times how I am doing. I may serve myself drinks and in appreciation, I occasionally help with serving or do the bills in the restaurant. In addition to these experiences, I have also learned to eat with chopsticks. Something I never tried while going out for dinner in the Netherlands, but I succeeded very quickly in this unique situation.

Highway British Columbia in Winter - Everything covered in snow

How do you stay focused, if everything comes together?


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