A world of differences

A world of differences * Help-x hazelton

We are now about three weeks at the sheep ranch and we have clearly concluded that the one help-X isn’t the other. We experience a lot of differences. However, you can change things when you look differently at the situation.

We went from one to the other extreme, literally and figuratively. From a help-X location where we had a private cabin on top of a mountain, to a family where we live in one house with them at the bottom of the mountain. From a great team to an unorganized location where we were alone, or surrounded with wild children.

A different perspective

We notice that we have to look at the situation from a different perspective. We realize that we need to observe the situation, and if we approach it, to do it with compassion. So perhaps we can really achieve something. By showing that it can be different. We clean the house and around, it piece by piece and keep the dishes and the floors clean. Setting an example by treating eacht other and our stuff in a respectful manner.


If it gets too much for us, we withdraw back. Often we are busy with the website. We realize that we must make good use of the time to make maximum progress with the website. Banners and sliders are made and we and translate blogs. It’s important to set goals to work on so we can stay focused.

We have shifted our attention and we start seeing changes. By staying focused, we are the example, instead of talking about it. We see that our children are an example, sharing is not a problem and there is laughter instead of shouting.

We realize that we ask a question to ourselves to raise awareness, “Would you behave like this if father would be here?” And realize that the father of the house was not home. Mom and kids miss dad and mom is tired.

Nice memories

We realize that we have to shine our own light, time will pass anyway. If we make fun memories in any situation, then we have all won.

So we go on a hike to the waterfalls, make a fire along the river and do a snowball fight. After all, it feels much better to make fun memories!


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