Review: Colon Cleanse Blessed Herbs

Colon Cleanse Blessed Herbs

Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse

Why we do the Colon Cleanse:

From anything you ingest into your body, lots remains inside. This has all sorts of physical and mental consequences. The colon cleanse will cleanse your colon and remove a few centimeters of mucoid plaque on the inside of your meters long colon. As a result of the cleanse, you lose a lot of unnecessary ballast. Through this you should experience all kinds of positive effects, which I hopefully can write about affirmative! Every day I keep track of how I feel, are you curious? Enjoy reading further or scroll down.

My goal with this cleanse:

My own goal is to achieve optimal health to experience the ultimate in this material world. For this, you should really live a healthy life and stop fooling yourself. For a while, I haven’t been eating meat, sugar and no sugar substitutes such as syrups, no GMOs, many organic fruits and vegetables and very little dairy. We filter our water and don’t use regular toothpaste. All of these things we do so, because it’s the best for our bodies and so for us.

To let my body absorb all the nutrients from food and water, I do this colon cleanse followed by the internal cleanse.

How it works:

There are three ways to use the Colon Cleansing Kit:

1. Best option: 9 day program with 5 days fasting is required;

2. Better option: 8 day program with dietary changes;

3. Good option: 30 day program of choice for the dietary management.

As you might expect from the name, the best option removed most mucoid plaque. Given the purpose of the Colon cleanse I haven chosen for the best option. In the manual and the dosing calendar, all three options are clearly explained.

I don’t use drugs, am not pregnant and don’t have any diseases. In the manual you can find various explanations about how to use the cleanse in combination with medications.

The nine-day program is divided into three steps:

Step 1 (preparation): This step consists of three days in which you prepare yourself for fasting by halving your diet twice. Additionally you’re about to invent ‘your number’ of the digestive stimulator. The aim is that you can go to the bathroom and have a bowel movement three times a day. At last you take these days every night one hour before going to bed, a glass of organic apple juice with a bag Toxin absorber, followed by a glass of (clean) water.

Step 2 (the big cleaning): This step consists of 5 days where you’re not allowed to eat solid food. Five times a day you take a glass of organic apple juice with a bag Toxin Absorber, followed by a glass of water. In addition, just before you go to bed, you take your number of digestive stimulator.

Step 3 (after cleaning): This is the last day where your body slowly adapts to solid food. Your breakfast is an organic apple, a salad for lunch and for dinner (possibility to add tofu or chicken, I choose to add none of them). Before dinner you keep taking your number of the digestive stimulator, until it’s all gone. An hour before going to bed you take apple juice with the Toxin Absorber, until all the bags are gone.

In step two, beside the organic apple juice, you’re allowed to drink clean water (no tap water), pear juice or grape juice drink. Try to take as fresh as possible because that contains the most living vitamins and minerals, and that is the best for the body.

The Colon Cleansing Kit:

The kit includes:

A 16 oz (1 oz = 28.35 g) Shaker Glass Jar;

30 sachets Toxin Absorber

Digestive Stimulator: 90 vegetarian capsules

Dosage Calendar (in English)

User guide (in English)

There are two flavours: peppermint and ginger. Ginger is the most racy, but is also recommended because it has the best effect. I used the ginger kit.

The colon cleansing kit comes from the family business Blessed Herbs, based in America. Besides the development of herbal products, they also distribute spices to various buyers.

The herbs are free from synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Some of the herbs are picked in the wild.

The result:

Wow, what a relief! It’s amazing how much mucoid plaque you lose three times a day, while you don’t eat. The bowel movements have gone very smoothly and every time, you feel lighter in body and mind. It’s a strange feeling all of “that” has been in your body!

The fasting went actually better than expected. The first two days it was a bit uncomfortable to cook for the children, while we did not eat ourselves (slobber). The third day, I was already used to it and it went automatically without slobbering.

Collecting knowledge of the working of my body

The fasting and detox have given me insight into the working of my body. Understanding how it feels not to eat, something that millions of people experience daily (unfortunately). As well the understanding that my body is still functioning fine after not eating for 5 days. So no, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally skip a meal! This is a great way to create self-discipline, which creates confidence in your body and mind. Doing this made it much easier and more fun to leave all the poison in the supermarkets.

While fasting I have experienced a lot of energy and a clear head. Where I was a bit more tired the last day.

The colon cleanse cost 89.50 USD for one kit. This may sound like a lot of money, but in my opinion it’s not to expensive for getting / keeping a healthy body. Your body is your vehicle for life. Action creates response, and your input determines your output, what you give you get back.

If you take good care of your body, nourishes it and do good maintenance you get everything you need to take full advantage of this life.

Day 1 

Today is the first day of the Colon Cleanse. Because our food was already good, we don’t need to change anything. We do need to take our number of digestive stimulator before dinner. The purpose of the digestive stimulator is to help you to three bowel movements a day, because then you colon works the right way. At the moment I have one bowel movement a day so I am lightly constipated. Before dinner I take 2 digestive stimulators. An hour before bedtime, I have to take half a shake jar with organic apple juice with a bag toxin absorber followed by a glass of water. We make the juice ourselves and the mix is okay to drink (read: not really good but it goes fairly quick inside). The amount of fluid fills up incredibly. On to day two!

Day 2 

Morning weight 59 kilos

Today is the second day of the colon clean best option. This morning I was awake at 5am with an overflowing bladder of the shake last night. Yesterday we placed several crystals under the mattress on our chakras places. I notice that I can remember last nights dream way better.

Today we have to halve our diet again (according to the “dosage calendar) in preparation for fasting. Throughout the day, I had fried vegetables with a little egg for breakfast / lunch and for dinner I ate broccoli soup with a slice of sourdough-bread and a bit of raisins. I am absolutely not hungry but I do notice that my body is accustomed to constantly have a (too) full stomach. Normally I have (especially at night) a lot cravings; mandarin, apple with cinnamon and raisins, oranges, dates …. One of my motivations for doing this cleanse is to overcome this dragon (gluttony) by developing self-discipline.

Due to the digestive stimulators I had today three bowel movements. All in the morning and two very rapid succession (or do I have to count that as one).

The toxin absorber I drunk today with bottled organic apple juice from the store. Our apple stock of 30 units a week is in fact already far along. I’ve made a small calculation: 4 apples a shake, 5 times a day for 5 days + 1 shake for tomorrow + 1 to the last day = 108 apples … times two makes 216 apples. That’s is going to be a search where we can find so many organic apples.

Day 3 

Morning weight 58.2 kilos

Today is the last day we eat, a quarter of my normal diet. I ate a sandwich with cucumber and egg, one orange, broccoli soup and a little apple with raisins. Today I only had two bowel movements, so I take an extra digestive stimulator before supper.

I notice that I have a lot of energy and my mind is getting clearer. I feel good and I am looking forward that I get rid of all the ballast so that I’m one step closer to the ultimate.

In the Health food store I bought 34 apples, 8 pears, 2 bottles of juice and 2 bottles of apple-elderberry juice. Yet 132 apples minus to 2 bottles to go.

Day 4 

Morning weight 58.2 kilos

Today was the first real day without eating, instead I had a mix of apple juice with the toxin absorber 5 times. In the morning I had a moment that I really felt like real food but through the bustle of the day at work, I had the rest of the day little trouble with not eating. At home it was different, we have to kids and of course they have to eat, and of course healthy, so somebody has to make dinner for them. I’m happy that my beloved husband did this job and it smelled delicious The children had a nice dinner and Mike and I have been drinking a juice with toxin absorber.

The manual explains a recipe for broth, made of celery, carrots, potatoes and onion. The broth we are allowed to drink while fasting and because I had such an appetite in anything else than water or juice, I’ve also made this broth tonight.

I still experienced a clear mind and a lot of energy, even at night. Perhaps that’s because we agreed together that we can’t smoke weed now (because cravings created by the plant aren’t really useful right now).

Today I’ve had three bowel movements. All in the morning and small amounts (what do you expect to come out if you hardly eat). Detail: What struck me was during one of the bowel movements, is that it started to look like the shape of a colon.

Tomorrow I work from home and then I have two days off. The last day of the fasting I have to work at the office. I wonder how it will go when I’m surrounded by our little boys who constantly feel like eating (healthy).

Day 5

Morning weight 57.4 kilos

Today is the second day without solid food but, in a different surrounding because I work from home. That means more confrontations with solid food! 1. Because kids obviously want to eat and 2. because I always work at the dining table, which is practically in the kitchen. For the kids I’m already peeling oranges in the morning, something I usually can enjoy. Now they are forbidden fruit, even as juice. Oranges are citrus fruit and they can ensure that more toxins are released. Citrus fruit in combination with the cleanse may not be the best for your colon to proces at the same, so I wont use them.

I only drink half a ‘shakejar’ with apple juice with the toxin absorber 5 times today, followed by a glass of water. Throughout the day I occasionally drink the home made broth, apple juice, pear juice or grape juice.

Today I’ve had three bowel movements in which I definitely noticed losing a lot of mucoid plaque. In the evening I am very tired and I fall asleep early. This doesn’t necessarily is a result of doing the this cleanse or the fasting, because at the end of the week there’s always one night that I fall asleep early.

Day 6

Morning weight 57.5 kilos

Today is the sixth day of the colon cleanse and the third day without solid food. I feel tired and pithless. This may come because of the position of the moon (it’s that time of the month for me) and it’s very gloomy, grey weather outside. The children slept very long this morning (quarter past eight!)! When they woke up, they played in their room while I was still in bed, I didn’t want to get out of it, something I usually don’t have problems with.

Doing groceries while fasting

It’s Saturday and we always get our groceries at the organic market. Many fruits and vegetables, a little spelled sourdough bread and olive oil. We always look forward to filling our (beautiful planned) empty fridge again with fresh vegetables and fruit. Today was different. Not that I’m that hungry, but I would love to have a healthy meal where I can actually chew on. I Look forward to the apple on Tuesday morning. This morning I’ve had one bowel movement with trouble, at the end of the afternoon again, and finally in the evening for the third time. After three “pretty solid” bowel movements, I’ve had troubles with my stomach for at least an hour and went to the toilet several times. Today I take a digestive stimulator less. I was amazed at the amount of mucoid plaque that comes out in the form of a rubber hose. What do you expect to come out after not eating anything for 2.5 days? No processed food for sure. Losing all that sticky stuf feels very strange. It’s a little unbelievable what is happening in my body. It literally feels like a redemption. I admit to the needs of my body and leave physical and mental effort this weekend as much as possible behind. After today there is only two more days of fasting and one of them I will have a lot of distraction at work. We are getting there!

Day 7 

Morning weight 57.1 kilos (after first bowel movement 56.5 kilos)

Today began the penultimate day of the fast, the countdown to solid food. Because I was so tired yesterday, I felt asleep early and woke up at 6:30 today, before the kids were awake! The day began with a bowel movement in which I again lost the necessary plaque – which still feels like a deliverance!

For breakfast I make fried vegetables with a little egg for the kids. Not that I am not able to finish the fasting, I’m looking forward to eating again Tuesday. These days even give me more insight into the fact how grateful we should be with all the healthy food that is available. Although it sometimes can be a quest, we do have access to sufficient resources and to the knowledge about real healthy food. Curious about what we watch and how we stick to a healthy diet, or do you want help in changing your habits, click here.

During the day I don’t feel quite as fit but way fitter than yesterday. At the end of the afternoon I have a bowel movement again (with some trouble). The rest of the evening my tummy rumbles a bit more.

Day 8 – Day 5 fasting 

Today was the last day without solid food. The day has progressed rapidly with enough distractions at work. I was less fit than usually, perhaps my body is ready for vitamines out of food. I’ve had two bowel movements with enough redemption! I look forward to chewing on food and I believe that once I’ve eaten I will burst of energy. For tomorrow we booked a massage for both of us, exciting!

Day 9 – Final step 

Today is the big day, we are allowed to eat again! We started with an apple in the morning and had a salad for lunch and dinner. What was that welcome after not eating for 5 days! Actually the manual says that was enough but I also nibbled on some fruit! The colon cleanse is over, and after we have given our body a rest for a few days, we will start with the internal cleansing kit.

At “The result” at the top of this page I have summarized my experience with the Colon Cleansing Kit Blessed Herbs.


You can purchase your kit by clicking the link below:

Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse

  1. Lord Grabiner 2 years ago

    After looking at a number of the articles on your web site, I honestly like your technique of blogging.
    I book marked it to my bookmark website list and will be checking back soon. Please check out my web site
    too and tell me how you feel.

  2. Wow it seems like you did really well. I have tried the C9 by Forever Living a few times now and always fail even only with two days fasting! I am a bored-eater and work at home. Its so hard!

  3. Toni 1 year ago

    I’ve never tried anything like this. I have fasted though and agree that it clears your mind.

    • Author
      SecretPrisma 1 year ago

      Hi Toni, Yes, it clears your mind and teaches you discipline what Can be very useful in general

  4. Katie Reese 1 year ago

    Wow, as much as I am very curious to do this, I don’t think I could! It’s hard for me to go a few hours without eating!

    • Author
      SecretPrisma 1 year ago

      Hi Katie, if I can do it, you can do it. You will find fulfillment in the commitment you made to yourself. Learning discipline is very valuable!

  5. Jasmine 1 year ago

    I haven’t done many cleanses in my lifetime but my favorite part is when they are over! I’m so glad it went well for you.

    • Author
      SecretPrisma 1 year ago

      Hi Jasmine, Yes, when you’ve made it is definitely the best part 🙂

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