Visitors from the Netherlands

Visitors from the Netherlands in Canada

Today we receive visitors from the Netherlands. Dear colleagues from my mother in law are also ‘in love’ with Canada and come here every year on vacation. This year, they are looking for the potential spot to live when they emigrate And the come to visit us!

Our dear host has offered the Dutch couple the suite next to us, but unfortunately they already booked something else.

Meet at the viewpoint

Because the address with the exact entrance is quite difficult to find, we agreed to meet at the lookout. With a big hug we greet each other. Unfortunately, it is fairly foggy and the vision is limited. They drive behind us on the windy and foggy mountain roads.

After about 20 minutes we reach the driveway. Because of the cows in the pasture the gates are closed. We open the first gate and our guests park the car at the bottom of the entrance and come with us. It is unfortunate that the weather is so foggy today, although they are still impressed by the (3 kilometers) long driveway. Along the way we open the two other gates and soon we are on top of the mountain.


Since it is almost lunchtime, I prepare the lunch and our guest enjoy us for a bite. We drink a cup of tea and a chat. We think it’s great that they come to see us. They are the first people we actually met in the Netherlands and now we can show them how we live now. We introduce them to our fellow helpers c.q. friends and the host.

A private tour

After lunch we lead them around through the main house, the ‘mans cave “, the suite next to our house, our house, the lodge, the woofferhuis and our ‘Pauwi’. We show the fireplace that Nathanael and Mike made and the bathroom I’ve plastered with Laura. As well  ‘the roof over the roof’ just like our host wanted it.

We tell them that not too long ago, there were still ‘Saw Dust’ toilets. They seem impressed by the style of construction, the straw walls and the omnipresent mosaic, not to mention the collection of decorations.

The border

We show the border to America and tell the story that some people told us, about a helper who accidentally crossed the border by foot during a hike and was arrested in America. The exact story is unknown to us, but it turned out that he did not know the name of our host, and since he had no papers with him it took some time before he could return.

Time to go

After the tour we drink another cup of tea together and talk some more and soon we say bye again. Mike goes back to work and I bring them back to the entrance where they parked their car. They now go on a new adventure towards Jasper where it’s colder, but the sun is shining. We give each other a big hug and together with our little boys I wave them off.

What was your last unique visit about ?

We would love to hear about it in the comments

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