On our way to New Denver

New Denver Slocan Lake

Today we are heading for our final destination for the (near) future; New Denver. A small village in the Slocan Valley. It has the most amazing view between the mountains and Slocan Lake. The population is about 700 people and there are two gas stations, a supermarket, an organic store, a pharmacy, an outdoor store, three coffee shops where you also can eat a snack, a restaurant (which is only open on weekends) and five small shops. A hotel, a motel and several other sleeping possibilities as Air BNB. Today we overnight in the hotel Valhalla Inn. We are received very kindly by a lady who is originally from Hong Kong.

Looking for a rental home

Since New Denver’s our first choice to give this new life a try, we are looking for a rental home. To give ourselves a bit of time we decide to stay another night at the hotel. We already looked while we were still in the Netherlands for a rental place, but without any luck. There was not much available online and if we found anything, people didn’t reply to our emails.

We put a message on the local Facebook page about who we are, that we would like to stay and that we are looking for a rental home. Pretty soon we get dozens of welcome messages and two different rental options. One in a motel and another one from a lady who would like to rent her house in (downtown) New Denver. She left her phone number and with the phone of the hotel we give her a call. The house seems to be next to the supermarket which is around the corner from the hotel (how could it be otherwise in such a small town). The lady said that the back door was open and that we could have a look before we decide.

We had a look and decided to rent the house and check out of the hotel. On our way to a new chapter – Become local in New Denver, in the Slocan Valley.


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